thomas juul-hansen


thomas juul-hansen
New York

Every residence at Scope Langsuan is designed by Danish-born Thomas Juul-Hansen. A consummate master of luxury living, the Harvard-educated talent is renowned for his signature ability to bring textured, organic warmth to modern interiors. He has combined his vast knowledge of design with incredible architectural opportunities to craft interiors that truly stand in a class of their own.

His team consists of only the best - they are New York's finest and most visionary designers, whose minds and hands have shaped the homes of universally revered and distinguished individuals.

505 West 19th St, New York

Thomas Juul-Hansen makes for an unlikely NYC Architecture superstar. Unlike other designers of such acclaim, the Danish-born, Harvard-educated design master does not eschew the “Starchitect” ethos.

thomas juul-hansen

Thomas Juul-Hansen Projects

Thomas Juul-Hansen has on his portfolio some of the most valuable apartments in New York city. Recognized as one of the designers of our time, Thomas is scoring high-profile projects in Manhattan’s wealthiest zip codes. (

One 57, New York