Since 1683, Gaggenau has paved the way for high-end home appliances with their dedication to innovation, quality control and immaculate design.

A cut above the rest, Gaggenau takes luxury home appliances to the next level — even when compared to other German manufacturers. Steeped in over 300 years of heritage, Gaggenau was able to maintain their reputation as one of the leaders in the industry over the entire period through an unparalleled commitment to their craft and a profound respect for the production process.

At SCOPE Langsuan, our units are fitted with Gaggenau’s award-winning stoves and ovens, raising the bar for what residents can expect out of their kitchens. Through pioneering technology and exquisite design, Gaggenau ensures that your kitchen functions doubly as a pragmatic space for home cooks and a design centerpiece.

We take pride in bringing only the very best to our residents at SCOPE Langsuan; Gaggenau guarantees that.