Miele, where durability and timeless design meet at the pinnacle of German manufacturing.

Since their conception, Miele have continued to deliver on their promise of “forever better”. With an insatiable drive to be unrivaled coupled with a doctrine of perfectionism, the company has firmly established itself as the preeminent manufacturer of domestic luxury appliances.

Characterized by longevity, Miele’s appliances are designed to last 20 years, making them among the most durable and reliable in the world. This longevity is something that translates perfectly into what we hope to exemplify at SCOPE Langsuan: long-lasting design that transcends through the ages. Each of our units are fitted with Miele’s built-in combi 2-in-1 oven/microwave, induction cooktop and kitchen exhaust fan.

At SCOPE Langsuan, we don’t put a shelf life on design excellence.