The embodiment of quality, function, and aesthetics, Sub-Zero provides the finest cooking and cooling appliances found anywhere in the world.

A revolutionary beyond his time, Westye F.Bakke founded Sub-Zero in the 1940s. His engineering ingenuity and passion gave birth to the built-in refrigerator — the first of its kind at the time. Today his ideologies live on as each Sub-Zero appliance is designed and engineered to house innovative technologies and offer uncompromising function, all while maintaining a sleek aesthetic.

Being a SCOPE resident means wiping your slate clean with everything you think you know about luxury furnishings and appliances. Equipped with Sub-Zero refrigerators, freezers, and wine cellars, our units at SCOPE Langsuan will take your understanding of luxury living to heights you never imagined possible.

Reimagine what you know about luxury living with SCOPE Langsuan.